The World's First Swappable Hydrogen H2 Cargo Bike

Nowadays last mile logistics has become a growing concern in congested urban areas, particularly when trucks are required to meet fast time windows. More reliable, lighter, and easier to ride hydrogen-powered Cargo Bikes represent the next market solution moving forward a new hydrogen-electric vehicle era for city utility tasks to achieve the desired energy efficiency, reducing traffic, and improving quality of life.

H2 Cargo Bike

Our Mission

H2 Cargo Bike project has been started by the consortium, including SUM and CTS H2 SRL startups, AESS Energy and Sustainable Development Agency and Basque Country Mobility and Logistics Cluster. It aims to launch the first hydrogen Cargo Bike powered by a fuel cell hydrogen stack with swappable cylinder.

The initiative, promoted by EIT Urban Mobility, will demonstrate the advantages of adopting swappable H2 cylinders to reduce refueling operation time, assuring a reliable and safe green hydrogen provision even in cities, such as Modena and San Sebastián, that are currently without a hydrogen refueling station.

Our Glossary

Let’s discover the secrets of the World's First Swappable Hydrogen H2 Cargo Bike


Chemical formula of a colorless and odorless gas called hydrogen, which can be an energy source.

FCH - Fuel Cell Hydrogen

In a fuel cell a chemical process, through in this case hydrogen, drives an electrical one to produce energy to power the battery of electric motor.


Set of combustion cells (FCH), through which the chemical reaction of splitting hydrogen into energy and water takes place to power the battery of electric motor.

Swappable cylinder

Swappable cartridges system through which it is not require H2 refilling station for over 8-10 hours a day continuously.

Hydrogen-Powered 4-Wheel Cargo Bike

Featuring ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame, the Cargo Bike can carry loads of over 150 kg, with high operational efficiency thanks to FCH swappable cylinder technology.

This technology generates electrical energy to power the electric motor's battery, eliminating the need for fixed refueling stations and making refueling operations easier and faster.

HHow? The hydrogen (H2) stored in the tank is injected in the FCH (Fuel Cell Hydrogen) Stack. Inside the Stack, hydrogen reacts with oxygen (O2) producing electricity and water waste, making the fuel cell system a sustainable option. This energy is used to power the battery of the motor.

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H2 Cargo Bike


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    This project is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. Learn more: www.eiturbanmobility.eu

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